unconfined beach

We already have summer here, and this year more than ever the beach will once again be the star destination. However, the uncertainty regarding the evolution of Covid19 has moved to the arena, putting in check those unwritten norms that have allowed us, universally, to reach colonization agreements, perhaps even coexistence, without compromising the degree of freedom of action that implies the enjoyment of the beach.

The “new normality” may soon return to normal as always, but, just in case, we propose to be equipped so that living together, this time with the virus, does not mean giving up the bathroom. And we do it without losing sight of these tactical rules and with the same game rules that season after season allow you to update the beach basket (or now the wheeled cart). So this year next to the bucket and shovel of “Frozen II”, the floral print hammock, the portable ashtray, the screw drives umbrellas … we propose to leave a gap to include a new kit: “the Beachbealt”

A device that, by freely disposing of the support elements and a passing tape over them, allows us to delimit a living space. An individual or family environment (depends on the length of the tape you choose) which, when made visible, will facilitate maintaining the safety distance with other venues, but will also serve to keep us alert, reminding us (like the mask) that we must extend the protocols so Strongly rooted beach colonization, just in case.

Design team:

JAJAxD @jajaxd_arch

Aitor Frías (AFAB)
Joaquín Perailes (AFAB)
Diego Jiménez (DJ Arquitectura)
Juana Sánchez (DJ Arquitectura)
Álvaro Carrillo Arquitecto

UNCONFINED-BEACH-gif unconfined 001 unconfined 002 unconfined 003 unconfined 004